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I thought you might enjoy meeting Charlie the young man for whom I downsized and moved. I was a 'cuddle volunteer' for 23 puppies with disptemper who had been rescued from a shelter.  When Charlie went to the hospital it was touch and go. I visited him whenever I could to give him encouragement. Along the way we fell in love and now we've written our first book together.  It's called Rightsize! Right Now! and it's about how to downsize and move. OK, I did the writing and Sir Charles was the official muse. It lands in bookstores in April, 2015. I have no doubt Charlie will help with PR.


Origins ~


My mother and father were both very organized.  My mom had hidden pockets of chaos in closets and drawers and my dad was a minimalist.  My mother believed the parts of the home that visitors could see were the most important.  I believed that every area was important because the hidden areas reflected your self-esteem. We had our philosophical differences. There was no choice in the Brooklyn brownstone of my childhood: you had to be organized to survive. Truth be told I loved it because it gave me control over my environment.  Being able to find anything I needed or wanted gave me a feeling of security.  I can still hear my mother say: "There's a place for everything and everything must be in its place so the next time you need it or want it you will know just where to look." Who could have imagined I was in training for my true life's work?


I was a professional actress for many years.  I was interested in spiritual studies, psychology and human behavior.  I marvel at the way my interests dove tailed in a way that made me a better organizer. When we meet I not only know how to help you, I understand why you manifested the chaos I see. No matter how 'bad' it looks remember that you created it so you have the ultimate freedom to create something else in its place.  We live in a cause & effect Universe.  Let that work for you. Guilt, fear and shame have no place in personal growth.


Zen Organizing ~


I call the system I developed over the years 'Zen Organizingtm.' I create an environment that nurtures and sustains you through all the challenge of life.  I save you time and money, as well as, emotional & physical energy.  Zen Organizingtm is fun and honors who you are as a human being. My clients are always shocked how much time we spend laughing while we clear the clutter.  There are general guidelines of course but when we work together I honor your quirks and your personal needs.  When you read my books you also have choices.  If I don't honor your Soul the systems will vanish in a matter of weeks and the chaos will return. Who wants that outcome?



                                Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.

                               Looking forward I am filled with vision.

                               Looking upwards I am filled with strength.

                               Looking within I discover peace.


                                          Quero Apache Prayer







'Zen Organizingtm' and 'Zen Organizertm' are trademarked. I'm delighted if you relate to them but please don't use them in any business or legal context. 










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