Inspiration from the Ballard Designs Catalogue

February 10, 2015

I've decided to spend time with my favorite catalogues and showcase items that might be of interest to you or at the very least offer inspiration. This week I'm looking at the Ballard Designs Catalogue (


Many of my clients like to see items they use frequently.  They have a fear that 'out of sight' is indeed 'out of mind.' There are tools to help you but I offer a caution: they must be kept organized.  If they tumble into chaotic, meaningless catch-alls, your good intentions to be more organized will fly out the window.


With that word of caution here is a product I liked.



These are called Vintage Wall Pockets.  As you see they come in a 2 or 4 pocket style.  There are other materials so shop around before you make a purchase. I can see these serving as a type of 'in and out box.' In one you could pop the day's mail and, in the other, mail that's ready to leave the house, signed school papers or items you need to grab the next day.  You can tailor your use to suit your needs.


Here's another idea.  Let's say you are in the early stages of organizing a remodel of your bathroom or kitchen or perhaps you are putting together a fund raiser for your child's school.  Early materials could be deposited here until you are ready to organize them into folders and/or project boxes.  With the four pocket you might have multiple early stage projects in motion.  You get the idea.


Here's another popular item I see in offices: a bulletin board.


I liked this one because it's magnetic.  Here's the thing: you must regularly check your board for items that can be tossed or filed. Otherwise it will dissolve into a place of visual and literal chaos and totally defeat the purpose for which it was purchased. I know. I sound like a broken record but it's an all too common way to sabotage your desire to be Zen Organizedtm.


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