Electronic Spaghetti Be Gone!

February 18, 2015

A common complaint from all my clients is that tangle of wires that cascades off the desk onto the floor like ... well, spaghetti.  When I suggest that everyone should sit at a desk facing out into the room rather than facing a wall or a window inevitably that tangle stands in our way. Thankfully there are many stores like The Container Store or Best Buy who sell items to help keep those pesky wires under control. 

This is  Cable Station 2 and I'm going to quote directly from The Container Store catalogue: "Mount it to the side or back of your work area, then press your cords into one of five slots. You can even write on it to label your cords!" How's that for easy?


If you have cable cord chaos I would count the number of cords and maybe even take a photo with my smart phone.  Then go to The Container Store, Best Buy or some other store you love that solves these issues and talk to a clerk. What would he or she recommend for your situation?


One of my favorite solutions is something I couldn't locate for this Blog post: a long tubular cover that easily slips over the cords and corrals them like a bunch of wild snakes. It's cheap, simple and I hope it's still out there!



I also get asked what do I do with cords in my purse. After all, don't we all have a charger with us? This is a Cable Keeper and it's designed to keep cords in your purse or briefcase tidy and under control.



No matter what solution you emply  at home PLEASE be sure you have things like your computer, printer and television plugged into surge protectors. It's a small expense with a big payoff should there be a sudden power outage.


I'd love to hear how you control your cords.  Please write to me and let me know and I'll share your solution here in a future blog post.  In fact if you agree I'll let folks know who sent me the tip!

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