Feel Overhwelmed by Chaos?

February 19, 2015

Go to your happy place! The basic tenet of Zen Organizingtm is that the whole of anything is overwhelming. We must break down projects into small, manageable increments and work step by step building on our success. At the end of One Year to an Organized Life I made the point that organizing in physical space is really a way to practice a mind set that will help you in life. The Magic Formula is something I discovered about 3 years into my work as a professional organizer. Soon I realized I use it for everything! Eliminate, categorize and then organize and you will have control, peace and success. If you have a copy of my book I invite you to read the Epilogue.  I share how I used those steps to get through cancer treatments. Cancer is a lot scarier than an overflowing closet or office.  Trust me.


If you don't want to meditate (I give a simple technique in all of my books) you can sit quietly for as little as five minutes and go to a place you love. This photo is of the barn on my mother's family farm.  I was raised in Brooklyn but spent my summers here. In those days the farm had cows or sheep and dogs were often plentiful.  I close my eyes and take a walk in the woods and happy memories flood my being.  I can take those feelings into my day.  If I am overwhelmed by a situation or project or person this break refreshes me and gives me an opportunity to start fresh. The tiniest of adjustments yields big results. Try it! What do you have to lose but tension, stress, anger and more than likely chaos.



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