Will Being Organized Make You Happy?

March 2, 2015

There is a movement in the country that assures people that if they do XY and Z happiness will result.  On the list of things promising happiness is being organized. I've been a professional organizer for 27 years.  I've organized hundreds of folks one-on-one and I've lectured to thousands. I have never thought to assure them they would find happiness at the end of the organizing rainbow.  I think that happiness is an inside job.  I think that's why people who seemingly have everything (including pristine environments maintained for them by other people) are not particularly happy.


My Zen Organizingtm philosophy is based on the assuption that you were born with a purpose to fulfill and that a calm, peace filled environment is going to nurture and support your best efforts to fulfill yourself as a human being.  Most people live in environments that sabotage them at every turn. They live with chaos.  They have no idea what they own.  Money, time and energy are frittered away with great abandon. Opportunities are lost and the ones that are seized bring little joy because they are so difficult to take advantage of with all the noisy stuff in the environment.


It is the healing aspect of the process that makes me feel that being a professional organizer is a sacred calling.  I leave a home or office knowing that life will be easier for this person. My company slogan is: "Inner peace through outer order." I would get organized to save time, money and energy.  I would do it to give the gift of order, peace and calm to myself and all those with whom I share my environment.  I would master the skill of getting organized because any mastery raises self-esteem and empowers me to do more. Most of all I would do it so I could more clearly hear the still small voice that whispers to all of us urging us to learn our life lessons, share our gifts and be a blessing to the world.


I guess that's a recipe for happiness.



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