9 Tips for Getting Organized … When You Don’t have the Time (Part One)

March 10, 2015


Allow me to ask you a few questions.  Are piles of mail on the kitchen counter? Have they been there for months growing like a fungus? Do you spy a stack of books by your bedside?  Do you have to pole vault into bed at night? Has toy debris in the family room left you feeling hopeless? Do your kids have chores? Are your clothes crammed into your closet?  When you find something to wear is it wrinkled beyond recognition?


What’s a person to do?


In The 8-Minute Organizer I suggest short projects that make a difference in the environment yet take almost no time or energy.  You’ll make an impact on the space and be done in a flash. Here’s a sample:


  • Make your bed every single day. Hang up your clothing when you take it off or toss it in the hamper.  Wash dishes after a meal or load the dishwasher.  In other words make ‘completion’ a part of your life. When you complete simple tasks around your home you’ll find yourself completing everything in your life. Remember the old Zen proverb: ‘The way a man does one thing is how he does everything.’


  • Remove all dry cleaner plastic bags from your closet. Dry cleaner plastic bags are notorious space hogs.  In addition they seal in potentially carcinogenic cleaning agents.  Use natural cotton garment bags for items that need to be covered.  Here are my favorites: 

    If you spy any empty wire hangars collect them for return to your dry-cleaner. Wire     hangars were designed to get your items home in pristine condition.  They were never meant to be permanent additions to your closet. 


  • Invest in a cross cut shredder.  Make it a daily ritual to open your mail in the same place at roughly the same time. Recycle as much as you can and shred any piece of paper with your name, address or an account number that isn’t destined for your files. A cross cut shredder is your ally in the war on Identity Theft.  Call 1-888-567-8688 to remove your name from pre-approved credit card offers.  Identity thieves love those offers!


  • Check your kitchen cupboards for broken equipment. It’s time to make a decision about their fate.  Get the equipment repaired or donate it to Goodwill or the charity of your choice. Let them repair and sell these items.  You need the space.


  • Go through your linen closet.  Is it time to replace any blankets, towels or sheets?  Your local animal shelter or animal hospital would be delighted to have your castoffs.  You won’t get a credit for your taxes but you will be helping animals in need.


My Charlie thinks that's a great idea! More tomorrow ~



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