9 Tips for Getting Organized/ Part 2

March 11, 2015


Here are four additional tips to help you on the road to a Zen Organizedtm  Home & Lifestyle:


  • Look into your medicine cabinet and toss expired medications.  Mix them with coffee grounds and you can put them into the trash.  Never flush prescription meds down the toilet or drain. Check with your pharmacist and see if his store or the local police have a program for disposing of prescription drugs.  Many communities do especially in the larger cities.


  • Sift through old toys to see what can be donated, passed down to a family friend or relative or be sold on a site like Craig’s List. Do this before you invest in organizing tools: you may not need as many as you think!  Perhaps you can convince a group of moms to host a yard sale that benefits your school or favorite charity? There’s power in numbers!  A mere 8 minutes a day for a solid week will yield amazing results.


  • Check the family room and your child’s room to be sure you have provided adequate storage for the toys, CD’s and DVD’s that everyone has these days.  The directive ‘Clean up your room!’ is going to be possible only if there is a rhyme and a reason to where everything goes.  Here are few of my favorite organizing tools for children’s rooms or the family room (all items shown in this 2 part blog are from The Container Store with the exception of the toy hammock.  You can find them at stores catering to baby products, Target or Khols among others) products for this:


If you don’t have all of your media stored on the Cloud divide your  CD’s and DVD’s by category and store them in a binder or container made for that purpose.


If your children are very young use a toy hammock to hold their stuffed animal collection.  You can put one up in the bathroom for bath time treasures.



Small actions create momentum and build our self-esteem especially if getting and staying organized have never been your strong suit. Don’t forget to factor in a reward for a job well done. My list of favorites includes a hot aromatherapy bath, a movie, dinner with a friend and a walk in nature.  What’s on your list?



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