Make Organizing Easy!

May 9, 2015

Every day I read organizing instructions on line that begin with these pearls of wisdom: 'First take everything out (of your closet, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards etc.). Inside my Zen Organizer head I start screaming! This makes the task more time consuming and complicated. Here's what I suggest.

  • Have a work space cleared.

  • Be prepared with the tools you need like heavy duty trash bags for donations, recyclables and tossable items.

  • Be ready to take care of your body and support your ability to think clearly by having healthy snacks and lots of water on hand. 

  • Decide if music helps or hurts. Eliminate ALL distractions: no social media, no cell phone chats etc. If you feel 'deprived' you can work in timed segments.

  • Remove one item at a time and decide its fate.  Make the decision now.  Having a 'decide later' pile just prolongs the agony.

  • As items are removed keep them in categories in your work area.

  • Clean the space (closet, cupboards etc)

  • Put items back keeping categories intact.

  • Decide if you need any organizing tools and make a list.

When everything comes out at once you are clogging up your work area and making the organizing process very complicated. Please don't make a pile of your hanging clothes on the floor: what you wish to keep may be on the bottom and very wrinkled by the time you get to it.  Now you have to add 'ironing' to your To Do list.


All the instructions you could ever need are in my books. I'll teach you how to make your categories beautiful to look at, completely functional and easy to maintain. Three of my books (One Year to an Organized Life, The 8-Minute Organizer and Rightsize! Right Now! are also audio books). Trust Zen Organizing to help you easily create an environment that nurtures and supports everything you wish to accomplish in life. That sense of being supported by your space and the accomplishments you are able to achieve are what will make you a happy, calm Zen Organizer!




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