Garage Storage Basics

May 18, 2015

In my last blog post I wrote about the best garage organization tip ever ... use shelving to get your items off the floor.  When warmer weather arrives it's a good time to do your clean out and sort.  Make life easy and rent a dumpster. There are small ones that won't attract too much attention from your neighbors. You call, the company delivers, you fill and they haul away. You might just inspire your neighbors to organize their garages. At the very least they will be grateful you didn't ask to use their cans.


Map It

There you are with your newly paired down belongings in nicely separated categories.  Gleaming shelves wait to be filled with your treasures.  How do you know what goes where? In short it's just logic: the items you rarely need will go in the back of the garage.  Think holiday ornaments.  And the items you will frequently use stay near the opening.  In the winter that's your snow blower and in summer it's your lawn mower.


If you have emergency supplies don't hide them way in the back of the garage.  You want them to be accessible. If you realize you have gone overboard with your earthquake/fire/flood supplies you might want to secure a small shed just for that purpose.  I'm not encouraging excess. I am trying to cover all bases and the needs of every type of homeowner. In any event be sure and check the expiration dates on perishable items.  Give the expired water to your plants.


Contain Me, Please!

Take a look at your categories and do a count of the items or simply eyeball the physical space they occupy. Use your electronic device and surf through the garage organizing tools at The Container Store or the store you like best. I would avoid storage containers colored for a particular holiday.  One day you may need them for different items.  Do you really want holiday red, green or orange containers housing mundane items? Here's something to consider for your garage items: get containers that are waterproof.  Your choice will again be dictated by the amount of stuff you have to fit into the container.  The Container Store has a bevy of choices. I have images of garage storage ideas and products on my Zen Organized Life Board at Pinterest.  Why not take a look? I promise you'll be inspired.  There are links on every page of this site. 


Labels made on a label maker are going to be too small to read from a distance. Make bigger ones using your computer.  And remember we're concentrating on things getting off the floor onto shelves.  You can also build a loft and have additional storage space.  You can fly items using a pulley system. You can pop your bikes onto hooks or get a kick stand. The world is your oyster and I've got tons of images waiting to inspire you.



Next we'll consider the items you can simply attach to your wall. The garage is usually a bit emotional because we're confronted with a plethora of our unmade decisions.  Take it slow.  Schedule your shopping and work sessions.  And before you know it you'll be parking in your garage with space to spare. Let this image inspire you.



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