A Day of Renewal

September 12, 2015

Every exit is an entry somewhere else.

Tom Stoppard


I was home in the New York area 14 years ago when the Twin Towers were attacked.  I wasn't able to help in any way but it felt good to be home rather than watching my city under attack on a TV screen from the comfort of my Los Angeles living room. I think often of those who perished and how terrible their exit from this planet was.  I think of the heros of the day who, whether they lived or died, were ready to give their lives to help others. I bow before such humility, courage and goodness.


In any event that is termed a disaster we usually see one or more task forces take over.  If you want to see 'organization' in action take a few minutes to read about a task force mobilization. It's like a healing organism composed of many humans and often animals who seem to move as one in their quest to offer healing and hope to those in need.


Practice your Zen Organizing skills in your closet, kitchen, office or child's room.  And then take those skills into the world and make it a better place.  Be of service to humanity.  Be a voice for the silent. It's the real reason to get organized in the first place.  Your personal environments are where you practice.  The world beyond your personal space is where you shine. More than a desire to be 'tidy' or 'happy,' should be the impetus to do good in the world. I think it gives meaning to life.  It makes the journey richer. You don't have to join a group and move to Nepal or Africa.  There's a need waiting in your own circle. 


What do you think? I'll be traveling for the next week and won't have an opportunity to post.  But I will read your responses ~ may September be truly a time of harvest for you and yours.

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