Need Off Season Storage?

Growing up I lived in a Brooklyn Brownstone that had adequate closet storage space for me and for each of my parents.  What we did not have were extra closets to hold our off-season clothing.  I don't know about you but in the middle of summer, I don't want to see my heavy sweaters or winter coat and, in the middle of winter, my shorts and swimsuits look like alien visitors. My mother used the 'shove off season to the back of the closet' style of organizing but I prefer something else.  Here's my magic weapon:


These beauties will hold your clothing in breathable canvas (no plastic, please) and keep everything clean and 'hidden in plain sight.' You can use the widest version year round to hold an entire category of items.  Let's say you love to party and have a bevy of cocktail dresses.  You could keep them separate in one of these holders.  They also come in a narrow size that accommodates just one or two outfits.  If your office is casual but you need a suit for travel or a tux for weddings, these are your new best friend.


These are a bit pricey but they are great long term use investments.  My only regret is that my mother never got to see them.  We would have had every size in every closet! By the way there are other closet and storage products made with canvas so you can expand the theme in your closet. Here's a great example to add in case you need more drawers but have no space for an additional dresser:



I once had a client who used one of these in his home office closet for office supplies! Never be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to using your organizing tools. As a matter of fact, send me photos of your ideas and I'll share them with other Zen Organizers in our community.



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