Travel Safety

June 20, 2016

I was home in New York one year helping Los Angeles based clients get settled into their new apartment.  I was lost in thought on a shopping mission when I looked up and realized I was not in a great part of town.  The next second I was surrounded by young men who were clearly up to no good.  Their leader stepped forward and said: "Hey, Lady, you dropped something." He motioned behind me.  I grew up in New York so I knew the game.  They expected me to say: "Oh! did I?" and, as I turned to look, snap! one of the boys would cut the straps and they'd be off.  I might have fallen for it except I had precious cargo in that purse: my clients American Express Card!


Don't ask me where I pulled this response from but without missing a beat, I looked that young man square in the eyes and said: "Well then, you're going to be a gentleman and pick it for me, aren't you?"

The circle froze.  The guys looked to their stunned leader for direction.  The Universe was with me because he burst out laughing and said: "OK, Lady, OK!" then he motioned for them to follow him and as quickly as they had materialized, they were gone.


I share this story because I found a great travel purse for you in The Container Store newsletter.  I'm sharing the information right from the website because there's no reason for me to rephrase it. It's got great features and will help you stay safe in many ways. 



For worry-free shopping, commuting or travel, our Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag is one bright, attractive choice. Three locking compartments provide protection against pickpockets. Slash-proof construction extends to cut-proof shoulder straps that can be secured to chairs or posts. Inside the main compartment, RFID-blocking slots guard your credit cards and passport from would-be identity thieves. Roomy but lightweight, this bag can hold all your essentials for safekeeping.

  • Made from lightweight nylon with slash-proof reinforcements

  • Rear zip pocket

  • Includes tethered key clip with LED light

The Bottom Line


What caught my eye and reminded me of my adventure was the phrase 'slash-proof.' Whatever purse you use, stay safe when you travel or shop around your town.  Don't get lost in thought the way I did and if you find yourself in a pickle, keep your wits about you.  The unexpected response very often foils the would be thief.



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