Organizing: It's all about the Tools



Picking out organizing tools  can be a daunting task if you are new to the world of products.  In a client's home, I frequently encounter a spare closet that has been turned into an organizing tool cemetery.

"I saw those containers and just had to have them.  I'm sure one day they will come in handy."  This is no way to purchase containers or tools.  Try this instead:


  1. Weed out what you no longer want from any area (closet, paper, garage etc).  As you go along, create categories for the items that are to stay. 

  2. Do a count of the items you decide you need like hangars for clothes or file folders for paper or tubs for storage. 

  3. Head over to your favorite organizing supply store to get exactly what you need. After all if you get a 'deal' on 100 hangars but clean out your closet and find you only need 46, the rest are simply clutter.

Don't think big box store purchases are always thrifty. For example, if you are a sole proprietor, why would you own several hundred paper clips when one small box would tide you over for six months?  The worst offenders are items like pens, sharpies and highlighters that dry out over time. Bag the excess and donate to the local after school program or day care center.  Everything should be used and enjoyed.


Here are some fun tools I don't talk about very often:


1.  Monitor Riser


If like me you spend long hours at the computer, be sure you are sitting in an ergonomically correct chair and that your computer / monitor is at eye level.  You don't want to march into your retirement with dowager's hump or a sore neck because you didn't pay attention to placement.  This one is at The Container Store.  The color might not suit your decor so you are free to look for one that's a little more demure. You won't be shocked to learn that they have one in plain white. You're welcome.


2.  Desk Top File Sorter



I like to keep my files in a file cabinet but I understand that many of you prefer to have the files you use most often at your fingertips.  This is the only style desk top file sorter I recommend.  Why?  Because it's got a flat bottom and is less likely to tip over.  You don't need an unexpected drama when you're on a deadline.


3.  The Bagua Mirror




In Feng Shui the bagua shape is used to locate the main areas of the home like Prosperity, Health and Wisdom.  Bagua means eight and this exquisite mirror is a beautiful example. Hang it in the entrance to your home or home office to invite additional income. 


Mirrors represent water in Feng Shui.  You know those big fish tanks at the entrance to most Chinese restaurants?  Water represents money and the fish keep the water moving. You don't want stagnant income, right? Mirrors do the same for your space.  (Of course you should feel free to invest in a water fountain or fish tank!)


Mirrors bring other benefits.  They make the space look bigger and more impressive and they allow you to check your appearance as you exit.  It's all win/win.  Consult a Feng Shui consultant for more advice on mirror use and placement.  If you get stuck, contact my consultant, Ariel Joseph Towne.


Well, that's enough food for thought for one blog post.  See if you need any of these tools.  I hope at least one makes your life easier.





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