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The right tools make my life as a professional organizer much easier. I know when I leave my client's home, he or she has a much better chance of staying organized. This week I'm showcasing great tools I don't write about very often. Peruse the material and see if you have a bit of chaos in your home that will yield to one of these handy helpers. 


I shop at The Container Store because I know the items stay in stock.  A year from now if you need more hangars or storage bins, I don't want you to have to mix/n/match.  We want symmetry.  It creates visual calm and that in turns promotes peace inside us. I also like the quality of the products.  They are well made which means over time you might use the same item in different ways.  With that said, if you want to shop elsewhere, be my guest! I don't work for The Container Store nor do they send me a check for every client of mine who shops there.


1.  Clear the Floor!


This image is cheating because it shows lots of products.  The bottom line is to keep things off the floor.  'Stuff' left on any floor space is going to turn into debris in no time.  It's going to get dirty and most likely damaged.  And, Heaven knows, just looking at it will make you run for the hills.


Use bins and hang as many items as you can.  In this image, for example, the bicycle is on a hook.  This is the perfect solution provided you are strong enough to get it down.  If you have strong legs but your upper body is weak, consider a bike stand.  It's my favorite solution and one I rarely find in use.  I find most bikes tossed onto the floor of the garage like trash.


Here's a tip: measure your garage and take an inventory of items.  Your local Container Store will space plan for free and help you find the right tools for the items you need to store in the garage. Keep the expense down if you rent; consider a professionally designed and installed system if you own.  When the time comes to sell, you will get a good return on your investment.


2.  The Lazy Susan


Truth be told, I am not a fan of the typical Lazy Susan.  It takes up a lot of room on a shelf and, when you spin it, items tend to tumble off.  More often than not folks overload them and they can't spin!  This one, however, is great because the items are in secure, individual compartments. I also liked this image because the contained items all relate to baking.  Be sure you honor categories all over the home or office.  They help you save time, money and energy. You can't beat the power of a category!


3. Tie It Up. Tie It Down!


There are all kinds of clutter.  The one that really makes me crazy is what I will call 'the uncoiled snake.' It's the garden hose that splays out across several feet.  It's the extension cord that looks like a mound of spaghetti on the floor.  It's the extra cable the installer left for no particular reason uncoiled on the floor like an exhausted snake. Tie these puppies up into nice tight bundles. There are lots of products out there that will do this for you.  I've pictured one.  The result is what we're after.  Remember: in the world of Zen Organizing the visual must be beautiful; the finished project must be functional and finally it must all be easy to maintain.


Well that's enough products for this week. Stay tuned for the guest blog coming up this Friday.





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