Organize Your Closet Like a Pro With These 7 Ideas



Sometimes it can feel like your closet goes from neat and tidy to an explosion of shoes and shirts overnight. Take a deep breath, it happens to everyone. When you’re ready to take back your closet from its chaotic state, here are seven tips you can use to keep your closet organized.

  1. Remember to keep breathing. It can be a daunting challenge sorting through clothing when you have emotional ties to it or it feels like there’s no way you can organize all your clothing. Breaking down the process into smaller steps will help you tackle the goal of reorganizing your closet.

  2. Make your clothes visible. If you can’t see something, you’re significantly less likely to wear it, and then it will remain hidden in you closet, taking up valuable space. Try not to cram too many hangers on the rack, as clothes can get lost in the shuffle. If you’re storing folded items, try to keep them in a clear storage drawer (see photo below), or keep them on a hanging shelf in your closet (like the one pictured above).

  3. Color-coordinate your wardrobe. Most experts agree that you should organize your clothing by category and color.  This can help you further clear out your closet if you find that you have six green shirts that are roughly the same style and color.

  4. If you want to get more space out of your closet rack, choose the same type of hanger for all your clothes. Different types of hangers take up different amounts of space, and cheap wire hangers can damage your clothing over time.

  5. Label any storage boxes in your closet. Boxes are a great way to tuck away out of season clothing and accessories. Be sure to label these boxes so that when you clean out your closet again or you’re switching your seasonal wear, you’ll know exactly what’s in those boxes.

  6. Have a friend or two come help. Having an extra set of eyes can provide an objective opinion on clothing that you might be teetering on keeping or donating. Friends also might find something they love in your closet and take it home with them.

  7. Add something personal to your reorganization. Adding a personal touch to your closet, like a mirror or a new light fixture, can help motivate you to keep this space clean and tidy. When you personalize a space, you’re much more likely to take care of it.

These ideas were provided by Simply Self Storage. For this, and other ideas on how to organize your closet, check out their website today:


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