What Do You See?

Today I have three images I want to critique.  I invite you to let me know if you agree.  What we see is only partially the physical and concrete.  We each have a personal filter created by experience and beliefs that allows us to have different perceptions.  I have been in homes whose decor would drive me to distraction and yet the occupants are happy as clams.  That is the fun of design: there is no right or wrong.  When it comes to organizing, we might say that some solutions are more efficient than others.


Are you ready?


I found this image on the web.  I think it could look more streamlined and inviting.  I would use a two level shoe rack under the bottom shelf.  All shoes would be below clothing items.  If you keep shoes on shelves like this, the shelves are going to get dirty and that dirt will migrate to the clothing the shoes share the shelf with ... not ideal in my book!


Next I would make the clothing stacks shorter.  It's difficult to retrieve an item when the stack is high even for an experienced organizer and neat freak like myself! I might even slip in shelf dividers to be sure each stack had it's own lane so to speak.


The shelving unit on the wall is cute but useless.  I envision a big mirror there and a full length one on the back of the entry door. I could also put up some shelves for smaller items that might happily live in baskets.  See how creative you can get? Ask yourself: what do I have, how should I store it and what does the space allow.  My favorite comment is from a client who has way more clothing than can fit in the space.  When I share my concern, he or she will say: "But that's why I have you!"  As good as I am, I can't transcend the laws of physics.


 This is a garage we organized in a 10,000 sq ft house that was on the market. We cleared out what wasn't going to the new much smaller home and placed the remaining items in categories.  This gave a buyer the opportunity to see a space that was partially in use and still had open space. Someone could imagine his 'stuff' neatly stored on these waiting shelves. When you stage for a sale, that's the balance: here's how we use the space but there's room for your creativity!



We were called to get an apartment ready for the arrival of twins.  The catch was this was not only a rental, they would be moving in 6 months.  After we did the nursery, we noodled with this bookcase in the living room.  I like shelves to be inviting and creative but there was no reason to expend the energy since their time in this space was so limited.  We made categories and then asked Buddha to keep an eye on things :>)







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