Announcing a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: Get Organized with Me in 2019

In January 2008 my 5th book One Year to an Organized Life became a New York Times best seller. It was a sweet moment and incredibly gratifying because it had taken five long years to sell the concept.  Publishers said readers would be afraid of spending a year getting organized.  I said they would feel comforted by the generous allotment of time. Your environment reflects the state of your life and your mind. You can't change either in a few hours or even one weekend.


The Group Dynamic

Central to my Zen Organizing TM concept was the idea of people working in groups where they could encourage each other, exchange ideas and share the details of their personal struggles.  I've known of groups who started but none that made it through the year.  In 2019 I invite you to join me.  I'm going to lead a weekly group for one full year.  I know your life will change and I am eager to see what we create together.


Cancer: The Great Teacher

What I learned about organizing after my cancer diagnosis (16+ years ago) I shared in the Epilogue to One Year to an Organized Life.  Getting organized has physical benefits.  You can find your clothing with ease.  Cooking a meal becomes fun not a challenge. Whatever paper you need is at your fingertips. Here however is the secret: achieving physical order is the bonus.  The real purpose of Zen Organizing TM is to discover what your life purpose is without the noise of clutter. I created The Magic Formula (Eliminate, Categorize, Organize) thinking it applied only to closets, file systems and other home projects.  Lo and behold, it applies to every challenge from the fun of planning a trip or a party to getting that report ready for work, launching a new business or preparing to sell  a home.  Nothing can resist The Magic Formula. You won't have to think about it. The process will be a part of your DNA.


Highlights of the Course:

  • The group meets in a private space provided by (Free to join) I will record the class (30 minutes)  and make it available to you for one full week.  I have chosen Sundays at 5 PM, PST.

  • We begin the class with my talk on the topic for that week as we follow One Year to an Organized Life. 

  • I will prepare handouts and work sheets whenever appropriate.

  • After my talk, there will be a Q&A 

  • Every few weeks we'll have a guest speaker.  I want you to meet nutritionists, exercise coaches, productivity experts, meditation teachers even a make up expert!

  • Mindfulness practices are central to our work.

  • We'll have a private page on Facebook where you can get to know each other better.

The ground rules are simple:  you make a commitment to do your best each week and show up whether you did the assignment or not.  There is no shame or guilt ever. We are about progress not perfection.


The Cost for the Year

  • The program is $150 from Cyber Monday until Friday, November 30th at midnight.

  • The price rises to $250 on Saturday, December 1st until the end of the year.

  • Last minute folks can join from January 1st to the 13th for $300.

As we enter the January 13th meeting, class membership closes for the year.


I am delighted to email a Gift Certificate you can print out for a great gift.  Just tuck it inside a copy of One Year to an Organized Life. Tell a friend you want to make this journey with him or her.



Please use PayPal. It's safe and secure and easy to join if you don't already have an account.  Your payment should be made to me directly as a personal transaction via my PayPal email account: I will have all of your information once payment has been received. This method saves transaction fees.


The Bottom Line

I am passionate about every Zen Organizer living the life she or he was created to experience.  Too often we get stuck living someone else's dream.  No matter how much your parents, spouse or friends care about you, only you know why you were born.  The world is waiting for and needs your unique contribution.  Whether you are a waitress, a bank teller or head a large multinational corporation, you are needed.  I believe in God and I don't think He is careless with the magic of His creation.


Are you with me?




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