A Fresh Perspective

This week I wanted to share an Infographic about peg boards with you that I was sent a few months ago. I considered them utilitarian but rarely used them outside a garage. In the home I was more likely to find a cork board. These images made me a convert and I hope they inspire you!

In an office setting, if you are a highly visual person who needs to see paper and fears the humble file drawer, you could have baskets attached to the peg board labeled with your major projects. In a big family you could establish a communication center. Mom, for instance, would know where to check for papers that need to be signed for school.

Everything needs a designated home to create and keep the peace. The kitchen counter is not the place for paper debris! OK. Let's dive in ~

Here's a link to the original infographic: https://www.quill.com/blog/lifestyle/unique-use-pegboards-in-office.html?cm_mmc=NEW_Infographic

I'd love to see photos of your peg boards!

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