Fake Prosperity

Early in my career I noticed that some clients had huge collections of certain items. They didn't wear all those clothes, cook with all those pots or use half the lotions in the bathroom. Rather the sheer number comforted them. I could imagine them peering into an overstuffed closet and thinking: "Look at all those clothes! I must be doing well." I coined the term 'fake prosperity' to describe these collections.

I live in 700 sq ft and could not have enormous collections of anything if my llife depended on it. But last week I noticed that the area outside my kitchen door where I have a small container garden was overgrown and a vine was choking all my plants. I am out there once a week to water every pot and just didn't see what had happened. I like the look of a wild garden but this had transitioned from wild to literally suffocating.

The owners ferns and that infamous vine were spreading like Covid inside a crowded indoor event. The gardener cleaned the area out on Monday, and I swear you could hear my contained plants screaming: "Yippee!" Now there is space around each pot, and they can breathe and move if a breeze wafts by.

I had to move everything out so the gardner could do his work. I realized I had a sweet collection of empty pots. I plan to move in the next two years. Would schlepping all these pots make sense? I put them in the backyard and notified the other residents of the building that everything on the back table was up for grabs. The Universe will supply more sweet pots when the need arises. In the meantime these can be used and cherished by others.

Because my focus was elsewhere, an area of fake prosperity had been allowed to flourish. Check you environment today so you can restore space and the ability to breathe easily to every area of your home. You may be putting up holiday decorations soon, and you don't want to layer them onto clutter.

The image I chose for this post is from a closet I organized. My client had the gift of a huge walk-in closet so we spread things out and it felt like a boutique. He had placed everything on one side giving the illusion of fake prosperity. Organizing is about what you have and, like a three dimensional puzzle, it's about how you make it accessible.

Do you have any pockets of 'Fake Prosperity?'

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