Gratitude Never Goes Out of Style

Recently I read a beautiful article in a Mindfulness publication. The author acknowledged that we easily give thanks for the big things in life but, what if we cultivated the practice of noticing the smallest of gifts? I invite you to try this for a week to see how it fits into your life. I experimented and loved the practice so much, I have decided to make it a daily ritual. I find I stay on the lookout each day for unexpected bits of joy and that helps ground me in present time.

Here is my list for today to give you an idea how small my items are:

  • I have two rescue dogs. One is a tiny creature who weighs only 6 pounds. Yesterday Mouse (seen below in my arms) was off her game and I was worried we might need a trip to the vet. Today I gave thanks that she is back to her feisty, alpha dog self.

  • I moved 7 years ago and kitchen items seemed to have sprouted legs and walked off. I haven't seen my cutting boards, apple peeler or measuring cups since the day they were packed. Today I was in Trader Joe's and found an olive wood chopping board for $12.00 I came home and chopped everything in sight.

  • Last year I was given a beautiful faux fur throw that I keep on my bed. As silly as it sounds, every single day, as I make my bed, I give thanks for this throw. I love the feel, the warmth it provides, the color ... everything. Few things provide continual delight.

I would so love to hear how this practice works for you.

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