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Resolution Redux

Yes, it's true. If you are in the time honored January Resolution Slump, take heart! Another New Year starts on January 22nd and we celebrate for a week. It's the Lunar New Year, this time featuring the Water Rabbit. I understand that in Viet Nam it's the Year of the Water Cat so pick your inspiration! If the momentum of December 31st at midnight didn't ignite change in your life, latch on to the energy of Lunar New Year. For my money, every midnight is a fresh start but you may want more fanfare and group energy to propel you forward. (I'm a relentless Rat so I can latch onto anything. LOL!)

Here are some tips to help jump start your quest for change:

  • Make a list of your original Resolutions working in Word so you can cut & paste with ease. Put them in order of importance to you. Is there a resolution you'd like to forget for 2023? Hit the delete key.

  • Put the remaining resolutions in order of importance. See if you can figure out which one is foundational to the others. For my money, organizing is always the foundation but you do you.

  • Let's get into the nitty-gritty. Take the most important resolution and make a list of all the steps you need to take to make this resolution a reality. For example 'Lose 5 Pounds' would mean a better diet and an exercise program. What diet is that exactly? And what type of exercise will lure you in and make you a devotee?

  • Now ask yourself if you need to shop for anything to support your goal fulfillment? If you take up running, for example, I'd suggest running shoes. And do you need to make any adjustments in your home? A better diet might spur you to clean out the cupboard of expired foods and donate those that do not support a streamlined diet.

  • Schedule your new activities on your calendar and honor these commitments just as you do the appointment to pick your kid up after school or go shopping for that dream trip to Bali. You get the idea.

Change is possible. It may require determination, true grit and dedication at first but soon this new way of being becomes the same old, same old and you won't believe your ever lived any other way. Need help sticking to your goals? Join my Zen Organizing Tribe and we'll work as a community to support you! Copy & paste this link to learn more:

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