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Some Clients are Forever!

In my Zen Organizing Tribe, I send out a weekly email. I love to share products, people and processes that will enhance the members lives. Today I am sharing with them and my followers here an opportunity for a free series of classes (including an interview with moi) and a magical story.

Roughly 10 years ago I had a speaking engagement in Houston. I had 3 half day openings if anyone wanted private time with me before I flew back to LA. The slots filled quickly and the last session was with a charming young woman who stayed in my mind for the following decade. She was interested in getting married so we organized her condo with an eye to draw someone in using a few Feng Shui tips. She was beautiful and elegant and I was floored that she was an engineer working in the oil industry. Let me clarify. I was not floored that a beautiful woman could be brainy. I was floored that someone whose energy seemed powerful yet ultra feminine spent her days in a totally left brained world. My intuition was that something else was calling to her and waiting to be expressed.

We reconnected recently and she now lives in Paris, has left engineering behind and runs a business devoted to helping women and men live like royalty. As you can imagine, it's largely an inside job. What is the connection between organizing and living like a Queen? As I said in the interview "Queens don't live in squalor." Here is information about my wonderful client, Senami. Please utilize the free link and enjoy whichever classes you feel will enhance your life journey. I have my eye on a few!

For the last ten years Senami has traveled all around the world – from the Black Hills mountains of South Dakota to the lavish jungles of Costa Rica, Mexico or Indonesia, or the ashrams of India, etc. – studying with some of the top names in the fields of women’s empowerment and transformation. One of the treasures she brought back from this quest was a newfound ability to blend her feminine radiance with the masculine action she already mastered from her scientific corporate career. Ultimately, she realized that this journey was really about integrating the Sovereign Queen archetype. She then was able to tap into her own unique Feminine Leadership style that felt truly aligned with her values. She now is a catalyst for women to find their authentic leadership style too. She teaches you how to tap into your feminine essence in order to be the irresistibly magnetic leader you can be. A True Queen. This existential life project has taken a new turn into soulful conversations with fellow Queens/Kings (including me!). It's called: The Magnetic Queen Retreat: How To BE Remarkably SOVEREIGN I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend this 21-day retreat starting on SEPTEMBER 9th. You can register using this link: By the way, you will be able to watch from anywhere; your home, office, or on the go. P.S. In case you are wondering who the speakers are, here are just a handful of speakers you will hear from: Lisa McCourt, Barbara Huson, Gabriella Taylor, myself, and more!

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