The Garden Never Lies

I had never gardened in my life when a client offered to be my mentor. One day she was talking about cutting back some plants. I told her it hurt my heart to cut them. She looked at me, smiled and said, "You know how you study energy? Well, plants need to shed weight periodically otherwise their growth will prevent them from thriving."

That was language I could understand, after all did I not teach my clients and students that unless they shed some possessions, the Universe couldn't send them better and more? No category is exempt. Sometimes we have to shed relationships in order to make way for new ones that will better serve us. Do you want to find a mate this year? Will he or she have any space for his or her things in your home? Other times we need to shed a job or a physical home to move to the next experience that is waiting for us to embrace.

In many ways this Covid era has forced us to examine our lives, and shed what we thought was critical to our well being. I hope you will take time to review this wild year, and search for the gifts it brought you. Had I not been forced to shelter in place, I would have continued devoting my life solely to finding and caring for clients. Now, The Zen Organizing Tribe begins its journey January 2, 2021 at 10 AM, PST as we have our first weekly Q&A. It signals the rebirth of the work I started 32 years ago. I feel refreshed, honored and free to create in new ways.

I am inviting all the current Tribe members to the private Facebook page on New Year's Eve. I've already written the January weekly e-mails and I am ready to roll out the first of the 6 lessons that teach the basics of Zen Organizing. My goal is to have thriving Tribe members who contribute freely to the world the talents they came to share. Free because they have moved from chaotic, limiting environments to Zen Organized ones that nurture their best efforts and free their very Souls to express.

Do you long to create such an environment? Is the chaos draining you? It's only $300 for a Lifetime Membership. If you join with a friend, he or she gets half off. Click here for Pricing & Plans. I'd love to have you on our Tribal journey. What gifts are you hiding from the world? Time to set them free.

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