The Gift of Covid

I am an optimist. I believe that in the middle of what seems to be a terrible experience, gifts are waiting for you. All you need is a willingness to see, surrender and accept. Let me give you two examples. I am an 18 year cancer survivor. It was the scariest journey of my life and certainly one I never expected to take. As the shock wore off and I got into the rhythm of surgeries and chemo, I realized I was learning more from my experience than I had to surrender. My hysterectomy, for example, took parts of me but it did not redefine who I am. The biggest surprise, however, was realizing how loved I was. A small army of friends came out of the woodwork to help me. I felt blessed.

My father died when I was 24 and my mother followed a year later. As an only child, I could not understand how or why this happened to me. Over time I was given the gift of strength in a way I would not have developed had my parents continued to live. I also learned that when it is our time to exit stage left, we must go no matter how deeply it will affect the human beings we love. Everyone has a unique journey.

I could list all the challenges of my life but you get the idea. I once heard a great expression: there are no victims only volunteers. Over the course of my adult life, I have tried with all my heart not to volunteer. I have also given up guilt, fear and shame ... those lovely gifts that were pounded into my soul for 12 years of Catholic school. As a professional organizer, I get to help my clients release these destructive visitors. Feel ashamed you need my help? I see someone who should be full of pride not shame. It takes courage to ask for help.

I have invested all the gifts of my life into my work.

Enter Covid

I was booked out for several weeks when Covid caused the world to hit 'Stop!' Like most people I was suddenly unable to work or see friends. My weekly shopping trip to Trader Joe's took on the epic excitement of a safari in Africa. I felt like a cloistered nun. I was full of fear, uncertainty and confusion. Fortunately I have a spiritual practice and dove more deeply into it in my daily life. It evolved from practice to lifeline. I volunteered to create a month long program for the Wounded Warriors Project. Helping others took me out of my fear if only for a few weeks until the program ended. I sought out ways to stay connected and still be productive. Maybe you saw one of the twice weekly Live presentations I hosted on Facebook for a few months?

One day I realized that the gift of this Covid era was that of time. I didn't have to run around like a crazy person. I could read more, meditate more and allow my body to truly, deeply relax. I was free to recreate my business after 32 years. I took classes and learned about on line design, as well as, marketing. This month I bravely erased over 300 images from Instagram and began again with a fresh new look. I hope you will click the link below and check it out. Please follow me and learn more about my journey as a human being and my organizing system called Zen Organizing.

I deleted several years of posts so that today could mark a fresh start in my blogging career. I'd so appreciate it if you wrote and told me what you would like to learn concerning organizing and its related fields of nutrition, exercise, meditation, Feng Shui and interior design. We must consider all the elements if we're going to create a true sanctuary for you, right? If you want to do some virtual organizing, I can help you. If you have need of my in person services, we can talk about the scope of the project and how we can stay safe.

I never wanted to be a cloistered nun. I crave connection, community and sharing what I know about the world of organizing which is so much deeper, vast and meaningful than your closet or how to pack a suitcase! Curious? Follow me and we'll continue on into the Covid era together destined to come out the other side braver, stronger, smarter and, you can be sure, more organized!

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