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The Power of Color

Some of my clients use a very basic color palette because they have no clue how to use color. My mother was all about off white walls and no color was ever added to our home via paint. If you fall into that category, I have 4 pieces of advice that may inspire you to be bolder in your use of color.

1. Spend time on Pinterest. It's a wealth of visual information and choices. You can create a private board and collect your favorite images. Over time you will know more about the design style that suits you, as well as, great color combinations. For example, look at this fabulous bar at a hotel in Kyoto. I was drawn to that copper color and learned that the perfect shade of blue makes it pop! Frankly, I want to wear these colors not see them on my walls.

Not an Internet person? Pull images from magazines and save in a file. I did that decades ago and discovered that the colors of Morocco and India were my color home. Quite a shock for a woman who grew up with off white walls and Colonial American furniture.

2. Follow a designer who is not afraid of color. Kelly Wearstler is my gold standard and, of course, the incomparable Iris Apfel. Below you will see the image that greets you on Kelly's home page. Her use of color inspires me.

Below that is Iris herself. I've seen her interviewed in her home which is an explosion of color, stuff and joy. I wanted you to see that color can be used on your person so that you are a walking showcase for what you love. Be brave. This current version of you will not come again. Let it fly.

I apologize for the quality of these images. I couldn't screen grab so I snapped photos with my iPhone 11.

3. Watch design shows on networks like HGTV. You'll discover designers you relate to and can sign up for their newsletters and blogs.

4. As you become more comfortable with color, don't neglect the world of shapes! Here's a display from Kyoto. I would live with this as a painting in a heartbeat. It says 'JOY' to me not chaos.

I hope you are inspired to abandon your timidity and step fearlessly into the world of color. My little 6-pound Mouse is partial to pink. She's the cover girl for my last post.