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The Zen Organizing Tribe

When I wrote One Year to an Organized Life, I believed that people would make more progress if they worked in groups. I envisioned friends working once a month in different homes sharing work, issues, progress and above all having fun. The year before Covid struck I gathered a group on line and we were Zoom pioneers meeting weekly. We lived in different cities across the country but we were united in a desire to live and work in environments that nurtured, supported and calmed us.

The next year I formed the Tribe and during Covid I updated my New York Times best seller and included guidelines for the formation of a successful Tribe chapter. We'd love to have YOU join us! Take advantage now and you can gift your best friend, a co-worker or a family member with a LIFETIME membership. Most Tribe members come weekly for a year and then drop in on an as needed basis. We follow One Year but you are free to ask about any area you wish to organize on our Facebook private group page or during our weekly live meeting. Each meeting is recorded and is posted for a full week on our Facebook page. You can always email our moderator if you have a burning question but aren't free to attend on Saturday morning (10 AM, PST).

You won't find another group like this anywhere. Got questions? You can e-mail me from this website. My goal is to show you how to live a Mindful lifestyle, discover your Life Purpose and fulfill it with ease. Want to know more? I created a website just for the Tribe. Check it out!

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