The Zen Organizing Tribe

During the pandemic, I have become a student. One of the things I discovered is the power of learning in a community of like minded individuals. I created The Zen Organizing Tribe for those who want to learn the basics, those who want to master the craft of organizing and those who want to drop in on an as needed basis. Your one time fee buys a Lifetime Membership and here are the perks to be used as you need them in your life:

  • Private Facebook Group where the community joins me in answering your questions.

  • Weekly Zoom Meeting on Saturdays at 10 AM PST (30 minutes). You can ask me about any aspect of organizing. We also follow my NYT bestseller "One Year to an Organized Life" so each week there is prepared material.

  • Every Wednesday I send you an email about some product that has caught my eye or a new way of tackling an organizing challenge. I also send self-care product suggestions.

  • On Sunday evening I send out a video that helps you with the tasks outlined in "One Year" for the coming week. It's a nice review even if you aren't organizing at the moment.

  • You are invited to a weekly FREE meditation class taught by a Tribe member.

  • Coming next year we'll have 3 modules of video lessons that outline Zen Organizing. This will help launch newbies into the philosophy and be a great refresher for the experienced Tribe member.

  • Periodic Handouts and Infographics help showcase the basics.

  • 30 minute private consultation

f you go to the 'Plans & Pricing' page here at my website, you can join us. Just plug in your credit card and it's a one and done deal.

Meet Mouse

​In case your are wondering who the adorable dog is that's my 6 pound wonder dog Mouse. She was tossed away like trash almost 3 years ago and it was my privilege to adopt her. She is old and has only 3 teeth. Mouse is a super alpha and bosses my 15 pound wonder dog rescue Charlie around all day. He is a laid back dude and doesn't care. I share her because Mouse is the Queen of Starting Over. Most dogs would be traumatized if left alone in a desert. Mouse was found chugging down the road no doubt looking for her next home. She is a living example that we can let go of the past and embrace the present. Toss your worries and organizing related fears aside. The Tribe and I have you in hand. Before I leave you, here's a sample handout:

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