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Too Many Books?

Seek out creative ways to pass along old friends ... er, books!
Are there mini libraries in your hood?

Today I want to stir your creative juices! My neighborhood in Los Angeles is full of these charming, mini-libraries. Some offer a book if you leave one in exchange while others suggest you take whatever strikes your fancy. My clients who have 'too many books' are always seeking creative ways to share. I love this idea. It's a sweet way to find new homes for books we have enjoyed but do not need to keep forever. For more information on creating a mini-library like the one seen here, check out:

I used to be an actress and had an extensive collection of plays. I housed them in a special bookcase and kept them for years after I left the profession. Every time I looked at them, I was reminded of a happy time in my life. One day I realized that if I donated them to a high school for the performing arts, they would once again be used. I packed them up and off they went to their new life.

You can find websites that will allow you to sell your books on line or get credit. My quibble there is how much time do you have on your hands to handle a task like this and will the reward be worth the effort? Here are a few should you be interested:

Half Price Books

Powell's Books


Call your local used bookstores (some still exist)

What out of the box solutions have you discovered for any of the items you need to pass along? Please share them here!

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