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I'm Regina Leeds and I'm known as the Zen Organizertm but don't worry about the title.  I won't demand that you bend your body like a pretzel, meditate for hours or perform austerity programs.  I will help you create environments that nurture and support you.  The average person lives and works in environments that sabotage him at every turn.  As we calm your physical environment, we automatically calm your inner world or mind.  Guess what? 'As within so without' is as true for organizing endeavors as it is for Spiritual ones.


Most of you were not raised in organized homes. Organizing is a skill that anyone can learn. Of course there are other reasons you might not be organized and I cover them in my books.  The top contenders are depression and some form of fear. It helps to understand the underlying cause of your inability to get organized.  It is equally important to know how to prepare for a project.  I think preparation is key. If you are sleep deprived, hungry and have no idea what your schedule is or if you have the supplies you need, you are starting off on the wrong foot.  And no amount of 'joy sparking' can rescue you.


Read my blog.  Check out my books. Find me on Social Media.  I'm offering you a life line. All you have to do is say 'Yes!' and show up willing to do the work.  Step-by-step every day will be better than the last.  In the not too distant future you'll be offering words of organizing wisdom to your family, friends and co-workers.  You'll be a Zen Organizertm.


If you need a keynote speaker, I'll teach your entire group how to be happier, healthier and more productive through the elements of Zen Organizing TM I


Grab a cup of coffee or tea. Poke around here and get acquainted.  Check out my books and see which one feels right to you. Let's spend some time together. If you need one-on-one help, join my Zen Organizing Tribe and we'll all jump in to help you. Write to me for details!



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