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Regina Leeds has my highest recommendation. Her assistance in unpacking and organizing our family's move to Southern California ahead of our arrival (and with family guests in tow!) made for an extremely smooth transition. She put in the extra effort it took to get our job done in the necessary timeframe and within a reasonable budget, and to create as warm a welcome to our new home as possible in spite of the challenge of working around some ongoing renovation. She is extremely professional; her work demonstrates her many years of experience as well as her high personal standards, her impeccable taste, her thoughtful attention to detail, not only in the placement of things so as to be most useful but also the most visually appealing, her clear communication, her willingness to go out of her way to provide extra resources as deemed necessary, and her respect for her clients' lifestyle and individual family member needs. However what is most striking, what really sets Regina apart besides the outstanding level of service she provides, is that she treats the assignment as a privilege and an opportunity to bring peace and joy into a home, and that you can't put a price on! She proved to be a lucky find and a resource we will certainly turn to for our family's ongoing needs.


Emma W:

. . . your books have a revolutionary effect on those of us who have no clue how to organise!


Nancy F:

You are such a great writer, and your organizing ideas are fabulous! I received your book in the mail yesterday. I'm so happy to add it to my neatly organized bookshelf!


Katherine P:

Thank you! I’ve been singing your praises this weekend with 50 people in my house for 2 days, and the overnight guests wondering how everything in the kitchen still had an underlying order with an obvious place for everything.


Kristine Mastrocola, Creative Features Editor for Woman’s World Magazine:

Everything you advise has an extra dimension, an additional feel-good factor that’s perfect for our tone!



This recommendation is long overdue. I started working with Regina in 2005, when she came to my new house to help with the organization of my kitchen and office. She ended up helping throughout my entire home -- kids rooms, closets, laundry room, pantry - even the garage. She not only helped organize; she explained her process and taught me the tools to continue with the work she had started. She sent me source lists for the things she used, was detailed and efficient, Truly, she was amazing. I brought her back a year later for a touch up and to help me continue to stay on track, and just recently hired her to help reorganize after a plumbing disaster -- my house still looks like she just left yesterday. Her methods are intuitive, and her ability to sort through the bags, boxes, and file cabinets and eliminate the chaos is a gift. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Emma J:

Putting an offer in on a house tomorrow. I can't wait to utilise the chapter in your book that deals with it. It's a long way from done, but I now know that I have a template to guide me through this difficult process.


Adaline S.:

Thank you! Please keep doing what you do. I know I’m not the only one inspired!


Karen T:

Thanks for finding a gift in everyone and helping people find that inside themselves.


Nancy F.:

Thanks so much! You are such a great writer, and your organizing ideas are fabulous! I received your book in the mail yesterday. I’m so happy to add it to my neatly organized bookshelf!



I really can feel your heart in your books. For me, they provide Soul nutrition everyday. I feel understood, and that’s really been helping me get the motivation I need.



I LOVE your books. Thank you Regina Leeds I'm a big fan of your work! :-)


Ken, M.D.

I have hired Regina to save me in at least 3 organizing disasters, the first was an entire 4000 sq ft house and home office, and 2 moves in the last 15 years. I think what she does is to apply an uncanny ability to envision a space as it needs to be used in reality, the everyday world, rather than just making it look nice for visitors and in photos, which it does after she's done anyway. She has very warm humanistic approach but can combine that with an almost ruthless albeit respectful challenging of the need for old junk and clutter. Each time I've worked with her I have ended up with a space, living or office/utility that works for my own specific needs, not hers or someone else's ideal. And it is set up in a way that it keeps on working for me even months later. On one move I needed to set up an apartment cross country with my daughter. Regina set up such an inviting space and my daughter was delighted that she had a 'real bedrooom' and not a 'kid's dormroom' at dad's place. I hope this helps.



I changed a space in my bedroom from a place reminding me of the pressure of work into a place that invites relaxation. thank you thank you thank you!



… your "One Year" book has been a wonderful help!!!!!!!



I was so thrilled when I read the Kindle sample of The 8 Minute Organizer and saw that it wasn't just for the busy people—that you included people with illnesses and disabilities and the challenges we have. It's already inspired me…


Steve Mathis -Associate Manager, Coldwell Banker- Beverly Hills South

Thanks again for a wonderful presentation. You had their attention and it was a lively discussion! Good feedback from all present!



We find that your unique approach is so helpful because you take the time to share your very own personal experiences along with giving us organizing skills. And so, we feel that much more connected.



Your books and posts have inspired me in many ways. Just yesterday I was reading the April chapter and starting my bathroom reorganization.



Thank you for writing your book 1 year to an organized work life.



Omg! I just finished reading your first book. And it made me realize how unorganized my life is and why i sometimes felt depressed in my room!.. i was truly blessed by your book in a unique way so i just wanna say Thank you.



Regina has worked on two projects for our family in Dallas. The first was creating organization solutions when we were in a house that we had outgrown. The second time she helped us was after moving in to a much larger home--where she helped us create systems and organization for the new space. On both occasions (each lasting about a week), Regina's creativity, professionalism and tireless work effort were without compare. She makes the effort to understand how you and your family live and what you like to aid in the process of organizing your home. I am a "collector" and Regina was wonderful in helping me determine what to keep and what to "release". I love that Regina believes that an organized space can be beautiful! Regina is a joy to be around. Her spirit is infectious! My son is constantly asking when she can come back! That being said to express that she is wonderful to have in your home. I truly believe our home is a nicer and more comfortable space because Regina has been here. I can't wait to treat myself to another visit from Regina!



… I should thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an approachable way with the rest of us. I have referred back to your book several times over the past few months and incorporated some life habits as a result.



...your "One Year" book has been a wonderful help!!!!!!!



After reading your book about organising your office I came in with purpose and reorganised my office. Dust and junk everywhere but I'm one step closer to not dying under a pile of collapsed paperwork. Thanks!



You are the Queen of organization in all aspects of life!



I have just started a year of organizing and I love it! I really appreciate how you've delved deeper into the why's of organizing instead of just the how tos. It has caused me to do a real examination of conscience and even prayer!




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