Are you wondering if Zen Organizing™️ is for you? I guarantee it is! It works as well for those who love organizing and want to go to the next level (stay tuned for my first ever training course) as it does for those who feel stuck. Every incremental movement forward is a win. I don’t traffic in guilt, shame or comparison. I take you just where you are and move you forward. I have tons of game changing tips & tricks up my sleeves including:

🎯 Learn how to make a plan.
🎯 Utilize tools to prepare your body for the day of organizing.
🎯 Discover The Magic Formula: my 3 step absolutely fool proof way
to organize anything
🎯 I show you the best organizing tools in the marketplace
🎯 Set systems in place so that maintenance is a snap

The best part of Zen Organizing™️ is that it shows you that organizing is creative and fun. Of course you may not be interested in making that discovery which is why people hire professional organizers to do the work for them. Let me caution that you should be involved in the process. I think organizing is participatory otherwise I am organizing a space according to my taste and needs. My ultimate goal is to help you discover and fulfill your life purpose in a space that supports this endeavor.

At this point you are probably asking how we can best work together. We have options:

One-on-One in your Home

This is the best way for me to help you transform your physical space and free up your time and energy not to mention save you money. We will chat via video briefly or exchange emails so I understand your needs. I work with an assistant to make things move along quickly. No matter how unique, overwhelming or terrifying your situation is, I guarantee we’ve seen it before and can create a solution you will love.

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Consultation or Work via Zoom, Face Time

With this choice I am personally directing you but you are doing all the physical work. Usually sessions are limited to 2 or 3 hours and I give you homework to accomplish until our next appointment.

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Take my 8-Week Course

This course launches three times a year. Next start is Monday, July 15th, 2024 and is the ideal introduction to the key elements of Zen Organizing™️. You end the course with a bedroom that’s a sanctuary and a kitchen that makes cooking up nutrient dense meals a snap. You also know how to prepare for the day, make a project plan and do maintenance.

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Join the Monthly Membership

This is a way to continue your growth for as many months as you wish. Stay tuned for details to arrive after the 8-week course launches.

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Invite me to speak at your work or social center

Few opportunities delight me more than speaking to a group. Please click on the link and find more details through my booking agency. The talk or seminar will be created to suit the audience and can be virtual or in person.

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