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I realize that most if not all organizers are pumping out tips and tricks so that their audiences can get organized in style. It’s all good. However that focus limits the world of organizing to actions and products when in truth it’s vast, complex and rather delicious. There are ways to pick projects, know when to schedule them and understand which products will best serve you. It’s also helpful however to understand where your lack of organizing skills took root. It’s important to have tools that help you deal with stress. One must realize that maintenance is a part of life. Best of all this work gives you tools to use in every aspect of your life. Our environments are where we practice. This is the crux of my system called Zen Organizing™️.

The lotus flower is known to most as part of the Eastern meditation tradition. It is a beautiful flower that can literally bloom in garbage. Imagine seeing such beauty emergy from a sea of literal trash. The metaphor is that we can bloom as human beings no matter our circmstances. I think for those who are mired in chaos at home or work this is an important and hopeful message. You can shift away from that experience and create a new one. You don’t have to become a professionl organizer! If you just stop letting dishes pile up or find a spot for your keys that’s a victory!

All of my books have chapters that are introduced with inspirational quotes and each has an Affirmation for the month. If you began reading my New York Times best seller in January this is the month to tackle bedrooms.It’s the room I see as your ultimate sanctuary. What word describes yours? This March I am going to go through the month with you. The quote that opens the chapter is:

“Our contribution to the progess of the world must, therefore, consist in setting our own house in order.”


What a lovely reminder! I had a young woman write to me once about the difficulty she was having establishing her organizing business. She confessed that she could create order for her clients but her own home was a wreck. This is like a doctor advising you to lose weight as he peers at you over his enormous belly. If you want peace, calm & order in your life, it must first be created in your physical world. The physical is an outpicturing of your mind, your toughts & beliefs. Inner and outer are one. Heal one and the other follows suit. My company slogan sums it up: Inner peace through outer order.

Here now is the affirmation for this month. I tell my readers, students and clients to take a screenshot and read the month’s affirmation every morning. You’re asking your brain to rewire from chaos to calm.

My bedroom is a place of peace. Within its walls, I am comforted & healed. I appreciate and wear the clothing I have. As I give away what I no longer need or use, I am blessed. There is only abundance in my life.

Regina Leeds

We Create Habits

In order to set you off on a new course of living & being, I also give a new habit to cultivate. This month it’s easy (ok eventually!) … return your clothes to their rightful place. This is usually a hanger in the cloet, the hamper for laundry or a bag that catches dry cleaning. It is never a chair, the floor or your bed. Are you game? It takes 21 days of repeating an action before it’s a habit. Remember that you are the boss of your environment. Have you created bad habits? Consciously stop them! If this feels overwhelming ask yourself if you live in victim mentality. Do you believe you create your life or does it happen to you? I’d journal about that if it feels like a thorny issue. It’s certainly rampant in our culture.

I’m all about focusing on the writing and using a simple journal but if it feels right to make journaling into an art project, follow your heart. I love the energy in this image. I’m not asking you to duplicate the process.

Self-Care is Self-Esteem in Action

Finally, every chapter has a self-care tool. This one has a breath work practice called simply 4-7-8. Dr. Andrew Weill has many videos on You Tube where he demonstrates how to do it. You can also read the instructions in One Year to an Organized Life. Here’s a link for purchase:

We all breathe, right? When we stop, we’re dead. We hold our breath when stressed. We breath short, shallow breaths when in fear. Why not direct our breath to bring clarity? One of the things I love about yoga as a philosophy is that it teaches you need to experience a practice to believe it works. I invite you to try these practices and see if the calm they bring helps you get your environment in shape. I’m also available to answer any questions you might have.

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