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Professional Organizers fall in love with products the way normal people adore good chocolate or perhaps some fine French pate. Today I share my thoughts on hangers. You know those things you have in your closet in a vast array of shapes, colors & sizes. I’m making this post short and to the point. Wood is the way to go. It will maintain the shape of your clothes. It will not leave marks. And it’s going to look fabulous.

I know. I can hear your screams across the web. “But, Regina, ….!!!”

  • “But, Regina, my closet is so tiny and wood hangers take up space.” Yes, you have a point. There are times when the narrow, velvet hanger saves the day. If you are part of a large family, give everyone a different color. Or you can play it safe and go all black.

“But, Regina, my dry cleaner supplies me with free wire hangers. I save money.” Actually you don’t because those hangers are going to destroy your clothes and you’ll need a stash of cash to buy replacements. Those inexpensive hangers allow you to transport your clothing home in the pristine, unwrinkled fashion that allows your dry cleaner to honor his or her work. Ask for one of their recycle boxes and collect the wire hangers until the box is full. Your dry cleaner will be delighted to have them returned. And while you’re at it, please toss those plastic covers! Need to cover a rarely worn or seasonal garment? Get a canvas cover. They come in all sizes and allow your clothes to breathe while they protect them from dust.

You’ll see a canvas cover in my Amazon store. Link below. Check out my list for closet organization.


  • “But, Regina, I need hangers with clips for my skirts and slacks! Do those come in wood?” Yes, they do! But please remember that whether you toss them over a bar or use a clip, if you don’t wear them very often the items you say you love will get marks from the clips or the bars. Cull your collection. Use clips with a lot of padding. Fold jeans and place on a shelf or in a dresser drawer. Hang clacks by the waist not the hem. If you get a mark from the clip you can hide it with a sweater or belt. If your pants show the mark of the bar, steam it out. Small travel steamers are easy to keep on hand.I have one of those in my Amazon store as well under closets.
  • Some of you no doubt love those hangers that hold multiple pairs of pants because you have been told how efficient they are. “Look! One hanger holding multiple pairs of slacks!” You have been sold a bill of goods. Multiple garments on a hanger are going to fan out like an elephant bottom. When you want one, the closest neighbor will tumble to the floor as if in protest that it has not been chosen for a day out on the town. Don’t waste your money.

If you want to hang slacks try installing something like this because it keeps them separate and gives you room to pull one off a hanger without causing a mess. This version is at Walmart.

  • “But, Regina, I have a collection of tubular/plastic hangers. It would cost a fortune to replace them.” I will never ask you to waste money. If you Love tubular or plastic hangers, use them! If you bought them on a whim, replace them over time. Perhaps your current stash can populate your guest closet!

Here is the link to my Amazon store to help continue your hanger journey. I swear once you get wooden hangers you never go back. At my store you will find m favorite hangers as well as my New York Times bestseller One Year to an Organized Life should you wish to know more about all things closet. I’d love to learn your favorite products and see photos of your organized closets.

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