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When I organize a kitchen or a bathroom I inevitably deal with expiration dates. These are on spices, canned food, cleaning supplies, over the counter remedies and prescription drugs. In the world of expiration dates there are two camps. Those who rigidly respect the stamped date and those who are more lax. The latter believe that expiration dates help companies make more money by getting you to toss viable products early. A sub-set of this group are those who toss all expired items except prescription drugs. “I paid good money for those so I’ll keep them.”

You won’t be surprised to learn that I am in the former. I did something stupid this week and paid a price. I’m writing this to suggest you not follow my lead! I always wake up hungry. Breakfast is my favorite meal and my morning coffee alone is reason to get out of bed. I was starving and checked a pot of previously cooked quinoa. Adding a few nuts or a little yogurt or cheese makes it a warm and healthy breakfast. (I use vegan yogurt and cheese). The quinoa in question looked a bit green around the edges and smelled off but it passed the taste test. I ate a bowl and - you know what’s coming, right? - within 2 hours I had food poisoning. It was a day long session of worship at the porcelain shrine.

Don’t do it.

Don’t take chances.

Better safe than sorry.

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