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Regina believes passionately that a directed life is key to our success and happiness. If your current To Do list drives you to distraction, exhaustion and frustration - Regina has the antidote.

Let your To Do list help you achieve your Life Purpose, harness your energy and enjoy a feeling of control over your time.


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✅ You wonder if there is a tie between your current behavior around organizing and your past

✅ You're ready to take responsibility and gain control of your life

✅ You'd love to better understand exotic sounding tools like meditation, breath work and Feng Shui

✅ You relish the idea of creating a space to discover & fulfill your life purpose

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My guests include:

  • Dr. Alan Desmond, gastroenterologist and author of The Plant-Based Revolution: 28 Days to a Happier Gut and a Healthier You (
  • Dr. Liz Carter, naturopath and acupuncturist practicing in Western Seattle (
  • Christina Zilber, founder and creative director of Jouer Cosmetics (

Inside you're going to find...

  • 8-Weeks worth of weekly emails introducing you into a new approach to banishing clutter
  • 8 weekend assignments meant to transform your bedroom & kitchen so you can see tangible change in your life as you work through the course
  • Reading assignments from my revised New York Times best seller One Year to an Organized Life
  • Weekly Q + A session for support & accountability
  • A private community of like-minded Zen Organizers™️ to connect with
  • 10⁺ videos to enhance material presented via email
  • Weekly interviews with experts in related fields "to deepen your experience." 

Dr. Liz Carter

naturopath and acupuncturist practicing in Western Seattle (


Christina Zilber

founder and creative director of Jouer Cosmetics (


Plus 5 more experts from the fields of meditation, breath work, interior design, movement, health and aromatherapy

Regina has been banishing clutter across the USA for over 30yrs.

She is the author of 10 books on organizing including NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers "One year to an Organized Life."

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This book provides instructions for organizing every possible area of your home from the expected bedrooms & kitchen to bonus areas like a basement, garage or attic.

What makes One Year unique is its Mindful approach. You are offered the opportunity to take a deep dive into the why of your current chaos and in addition learn how to prepare for a project so that it's got lasting power.

In short this New York Times best seller is the only organizing reference you will ever need.

You can find a copy of all of my books at my Amazon store.

Karen T.

"Thanks for finding a gift in everyone and helping people find that inside themselves."


As a personal organizer, I help people declutter their homes and offices, and create a system that works for their lifestyle. With over 30 years of experience, I have helped numerous clients transform their spaces and lives. Let me help you achieve a clutter-free life and create a peaceful, organized environment.


We prep your home for the move.

We stage it for sale.

We unpack and setup the household.

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Corporate Programs

Employees need more than apps, smart phones & computers. They need stress relieving tools, self-care tips and an understanding of Mindful organizing. We tailor our work to your needs.


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Speaking Engagements

Regina can lead workshops or deliver keynotes for your company.


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I was blessed to grow up with a very organized mom who had a passion for home systems and a deep love of home decor. I frequently came home to scaffolding and broken walls. DIY projects were what my parents loved most as a team. My mom had a daily mantra: "There is a place for everything and everything must be in its place so the next time you need it or want it you can find it." Little did I know that mantra would be what I would spend my life teaching adults who didn't have my mother's guidance.
Getting organized is an achievable skill not some magical gift only a few are able to master.  I love to teach you how just how easy it is to create and maintain order.  The truly transformative part of the process is the realization that the steps you take to organize are the same ones to follow for all the projects of your life from planning a trip to the projects you have at work. In fact I followed those steps to write all 10 of my books including my New York Times best seller One Year to an Organized Life. My ultimate goal for you is not an Instagram worthy pantry (although you will know how to create one); it's creating an environment that helps you fulfill your life purpose.
It would be my honor to serve you. Let's work together to create a home that loves, nurtures and supports you rather than have you survive in one that sabotages you at every turn. We can work one-on-one, have a virtual session or you can read one of my 10 books.

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Not interested in the why of your chaos? Don't have time to meditate or exercise? But you still want to get organized? This is the book for you! It's my 'down & dirty' approach that will see you achieve amazing results working in 8-minute bursts of activity.

All of my books are waiting for you in my Amazon store!

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What people are saying... 

Dr. Ken

I think what she does is to apply an uncanny ability to envision a space as it needs to be used in reality, the everyday world, rather than just making it look nice for visitors and in photos, which it does after she's done anyway. She has very warm humanistic approach but can combine that with an almost ruthless albeit respectful challenging of the need for old junk and clutter. Each time I've worked with her I have ended up with a space, living or office/utility that works for my own specific needs, not hers or someone else's ideal.


She put in the extra effort it took to get our job done in the necessary timeframe and within a reasonable budget, and to create as warm a welcome to our new home as possible in spite of the challenge of working around some ongoing renovation. She is extremely professional; her work demonstrates her many years of experience as well as her high personal standards, her impeccable taste, her thoughtful attention to detail, not only in the placement of things so as to be most useful but also the most visually appealing.

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Organizing my thoughts...

Regina is passionate about the new way to blog called Substack. You can follow her musings at

A Brief Introduction....

...from an avowed weirdo


Substack has lots of professional organizers who speak only about the world of organizing. Beautiful pantries and color coded closets are my jam and the vast majority of my clients and readers only want actionable steps to achieve beauty & function in all areas of their homes. I’ve got 10 books and an active Instagram account to help you out. Down the road those tips & tricks will be incorporated into this feed. I’ll show you photos of my work and discuss how I achieved the result you see. My heart goes out to the person who has tried numerous times to get organized and not achieved lasting results. If that’s you, I invite you to go on a journey with me. My style of organizing is called Zen Organizing and the shortest description is that it is Mindful in nature.


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